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Coerced Abortions

Forced Abortions in U.S.

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Ads & Awareness Section
Learn and download evidence-based "big picture" advertising, education and outreach materials and campaigns 

Two ways to use these materials:

  1. Mix & Match Menu -- Anyone, anywhere, anytime! Choose from the menu below, which offers links to a variety of downloadable ads and educational materials suitable for immediate use in most media or audiences, with little or no expertise, cost or advance planning.

  2. The UnChoice Campaign -- Requires Planning, Expertise and Media Budget. This evidence-based "big picture" multi-media campaign requires advance planning, a budget and some media expertise. Read Ads 101 and Terms of Use. Please consider offering support to develop and run this campaign in a test market.

See a complete list of what's in this Ads & Advertising section. Learn more about The UnChoice campaign.

Mix & Match Menu -- Materials Available for Immediate Use 


"Every American"
flyers or postcards
Educational general-use ads & flyers Healing rose series:  ads, campaign & more Clip art, bulletin ads,
small ads & post cards


Radio spots


Message gear. Bumper stickers, T-shirts, buttons+

Holidays - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Signature Ads, flyers, etc.



"The UnChoice" Major Multimedia Campaign -- Run or Support



The official "The UnChoice" campaign is a larger, more  comprehensive mass media campaign. It is designed for use as a family of complementary ads with a unified message and theme. TheUnChoice campaign require more ad/media expertise and resources.


(Learn more in Ads 101) or Terms of Use. Choose from the Mix & Match menu. You can also expedite this campaign by donating to support our work. Why The Unchoice Campaign Is Unique and Essential

Print ad series

Print ad series Print ad series Print ad series





Bumper stickers, etc.

Message Shop

Radio & TV spots


Black & white, quarter-page,
3-column newspaper ads

Black & white, quarter-page, 3-column ad  Co-op versions with space for sponsors   







In this Section 


The Ads & Awareness section includes many sizes, types and formats of downloadable ads, educational materials, campaigns and resources. Many are ready to run immediately, others are part of full-scale campaigns that require more planning, media expertise and budgets.

You can also help run The UnChoice Campaign -- a comprehensive, multi-media message -- in test markets. Donate to support this evidence-based outreach that changes conventional wisdom about abortion.


In this section you will find:


About this campaign ...

Why this campaign is different ... and urgent

12 things this campaign can do


Ads 101: basics and helpful tips 

Benefits of outdoor advertising

Benefits of radio advertising

Advocacy and Outreach
Planning Calendar for Media & Outreach 
for PR, media, education, advocacy and outreach tools for use by political advocates, civic group, church or school communities.

Please note: Most materials are free due to the importance of new evidence about coercion and other risks endangering the rights and lives of women and unborn babies. However, if you are able, please donate to support this work.





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